Our Mission

Freebird’s founding principle is simple: GETTING THERE MATTERS. Whatever the reason for travel, it’s critical travelers reach their destination. Unfortunately, flight disruptions can wreak havoc on travel plans. That’s where Freebird comes in. Freebird empowers travelers, travel managers, and agencies with the tools and information to stay in-the-know, take control, and act quickly when the unexpected happens.

Our Company

Freebird, located just outside of Boston, MA, is walking distance from some of the world’s best academic institutions and many of the world’s most innovative travel tech companies. The proximity is no coincidence. Freebird’s proprietary data and risk models combine cutting-edge data science and technology to provide travelers, travel managers, and agencies with superior real-time information and tools to take control and make better travel decisions.

The Founders

Ethan small 34702bbe04dae7b26f6ff6622cb0bc54efad1f638ed79e38ddbe33d7fb5ffca7

Ethan Bernstein

CEO & Co-founder

Sam small 3d90de3b497e903c48a964591cb1ab148c8826f8da4f952d44f0560d57a3e768

Sam Zimmerman

CTO & Co-founder

The Team

Sam Tilney

Director of Operations

John Jannetty

UI/UX Designer

Dan Kaufman

Lead Product Engineer

Travis Kirk Lowry

VP of Client Services

Paul Kernfeld

Data Engineer

Hani Azzam

Head of Customer Experience

John Russell

Data Analyst

Max Livingston

Data Scientist

Kate Byrne

Technical Project Manager

Liza Barnes

Client Operations Lead

Camen Piho

Data Analyst

Chris Lustrino

Business Associate

Kevin Mannix

Software Engineer

Stephanie Heidinger

Customer Experience Associate

Dan Kurtz

Customer Experience Associate


Since its founding in 2015, Freebird has raised a total of $8.5M led by investors General Catalyst and Accomplice, with participation from strategic angels and investors.

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General Catalyst

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Ellen c6f1bd57e4cbf07d0ffe6260799a92ea1c164c2effd13a4b5c201ba2a91ae2eb

Ellen Keszler

CEO, Clear Sky Associates

Kurt 1a0a8a0288c9288e7cc0786cb70c1fe0f813164d60dd6bd8463b4e0f3ecde220

Kurt Ekert

CEO, Carlson Wagonlit

Mitch e19d0111fe3a987484426a4c3f948667710bcec22f7cd52efc5043097dc5754e

Mitch Gross

MD, 12 Squared Growth

Scott f6ace42eccb0a1c73aa5001a2f3e9e21091c795b5391035aee1cd9ee1e404a5b

Scott Hintz

Co-founder, Tripit